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27 August 2010


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aww... hopefully with my next baby i'll be able to nurse full term. with my first son, i weaned him at 26 months because i was halfway through my pregnancy with his brother (conceived months earlier than i was intending...), and my body pretty much crapped out on us. neither of us were ready to wean, and i cried for days after nursing him the last time. i could start crying now, actually, just thinking about it.

with my second son, my milk supply inexplicably (at the time) tanked a little before he turned two, and i ended up gritting my teeth to keep nursing until his second birthday. again, neither of us were ready to wean, and while i didn't cry buckets this time, i was really wistful at the fact that my body seemed to crap out on us *again*. even now, almost 1.5 years later, my second son still mimes nursing (getting in my lap, rubbing his cheek on my chest) when he's tired or hurt or just generally needs to chill out. it wasn't until recently that i realized that my supply dropped when i started working a part-time job. my body apparently missed that mid-morning cluster of nursings, and while it took months for the effects to manifest, they did, and i'm kicking myself for not realizing what was going on at the time.


you know better, you do better.


Nursing during pregnancy is really hard, imo. Certainly not impossible for most, but hard. I didn't have to wean anyone completely, but I night-weaned all three partway through the next pregnancy.


What a beautiful post :-) My youngest weaned around 6 months ago. After more than 15 years of having a nursling, I really miss those special moments and often wish I'd known that some of the more annoying behaviors were just phases. Yes, nursing during pregnancy is really hard. My oldest refused anything but the breast until she was close to 2, so I had to stick it out for her. After that, it was just what we did.

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