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17 September 2010


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Cathie B

There goes the neighborhood! I thought I'd have one last safe place to send her.

Have you ever heard of NAET therapy? I'm curious with your chemical background if you think it has any merit. I'm considering it first for the peanut kid, then the multi-allergy-rotten-to-cook-for-kid.


As the mom of a peanut allergic kid (among other kids with other allergies) your comment made me LOL! Guess I'll have to send my kids to live with the martians.


I'm curious about the NAET therapy issue, as well. I've considered homeopathy for my lots of food sensitivities kid (plus true allergies to tree nuts and sesame), but dh isn't as sure about alternative meds and their (possible) spiritual consequences.

Barbara C.

Amy, I would avoid Mars. I've heard the water is sketchy. Of course, everything I know about Mars I've learned from watching Dr. Who.


My first impression is of skepticism toward any therapy that is promoted under the name of the person who stands to make money from it (that's what the N stands for).

My second impression is one of skepticism towards any website that makes a claim so sweeping as "We now know that most illnesses (i.e.headaches, back aches, joint pains, addiction, PMS, indigestion, cough, body aches, etc.) are caused by undiagnosed allergies."

My third impression: anything associated with homeopathy or "energy pathways" is suspect.


Now that I have looked more closely: I presume that if the NAET person had any evidence that her therapy worked (which requires at minimum the use of a control group), she would probably put it on her website. As there is no such evidence presented, I conclude that it is probably money-wasting bunk.

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