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08 September 2010


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Barbara C.

My first thought like others was that the mother should walk her kid home from school if the carpool lane is that big of a pain. It seemed like she just wanted him to walk strictly for her own convenience.

I think walking to/from school is another one of those things that has become a victim of divorce. These days kids have more to fear from mom's shady boyfriend or dad's shady girlfriend or even a non-custodial parent waylaying them on the way home than strangers. And for schools, there is probably the concern that young children might go home to an empty house.

That being said we have a lot of kids who walk home from school around here (at least middle and high school). Of course, I don't know if I would let my kids walk home if they went to school just because a lot of the schooled kids around here are pretty sketchy.

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