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30 September 2010


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in terms of format, though I am not sure if this is what you are asking, could you format it for an ereader, such as kindle? There is a free program to read Kindle books on a computer so those of us who don't have Kindles could read it that way. My husband knows how to do those things, so I am sure it could be converted somehow.

Perhaps the personal could be broken down into one that is just about only progress related, such as weights and clothing sizes, and mostly the physical aspects of the journey. Then another subtopic of philosophy of your weightloss, for instance I recall the "just don't eat so d*** much;" and the most recent about gaining a habit, not losing weight; and the one where you talk about going up for communion and the prayer you said before it.

Does all of that make sense? I hope so. :)


I second Delores' idea about breaking the personal section down.

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