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19 September 2010


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Margaret in Minnesota

Thank you! My problem with implementing an exercise program is ME and this silly idea that, because I have six kids under the age of 13 and am homeschooling and have a house to run and a prayer life to foster, I simply do not have time to exercise.

Fact is, I am happier when I'm exercising.

Fact is, I lose and/or control my weight when I'm exercising.

Fact is, I lack the willpower to Just Do It. (Thank you, Nike, for the guilt trip.)

I am a work in progress. By God's grace I will get there.

Margaret in Minnesota

PS. We missed you last night.


I missed me last night too! Mark couldn't come and I just had a premonition I would not be able to have much fun at the picnic without his help keeping an eye on MJ and baby. Wussy me.


This reminds me of the previous post about what do you really want, not just what do you say you want.

@Margaret, I have 6, at one time 6 under 13. We homeschool. And all the other stuff (including the guilt trip). Best thing I ever did was get a walking buddy. We actually don't walk together anymore, but we did for about 2.5 years and what that did was foster the habit in me so that now I may get off the habit for a bit but not for long (except recovery from last baby delivery). And I used to just dread it, but now it is just a part of life. And preferably your walking buddy would be someone you have to go meet who is relying on you to be there.


Yes! My own experience this summer is that, by the grace of God, I finally started to exercise by walking 1/2 hour a day by myself. I did that for over a month. The scale did not budge. But I felt good and discovered that all of my mental reservations - about how looonnngg a 1/2 hour of walking is - had disappeared. Unbelievably to me, I discovered I did not want to miss my daily walk - not because of guilt or "I'm supposed to exercise" but because I enjoyed it. I liked the rhythm of fast walking.

My next discovery, after about 6 weeks of daily walking, was that my cardiovascular condition had improved dramatically. When I climbed stairs and steep hills, I got out of breath much more slowly. This is still amazing to me, since all I'm doing is walking quickly - not as fast as others I see, but not strolling either. Yet I am getting physical benefits from it!

Then, partly because of this blog but mostly with more grace from God, I accepted the fact that I weigh what I weigh solely because of what I put in my mouth. I took a calorie count of everything I ate one day and compared it to the calories needed to maintain the weight I wanted to be (from a link on this blog, I believe). Well....no more excuses!! The reason for my current weight was obvious!!

I used your tips about 1 egg (instead of 2) binding lots of vegetables in an omelet and cut my bread consumption down, cut out almost all sweets, etc. Not surprisingly, my weight has started to drop slowly.

So, yes, one should exercise. It certainly has worthwhile benefits, even if losing weight isn't on the list. For that difficulty, there is the old don't.eat.so.much, at least in my case.


What Delores and Jeanie said. If you make exercise a priority for long enough, it becomes "just part of life." I hardly ever miss my usual workouts now -- it's just on the mental list along with "get to the grocery store" and "do school with the kids." And I do feel *so* good after each workout.

I don't actually think of it as linked to my weight maintenance. It just... is.


M in M, it doesn't strike me as a "silly" idea that 6 kids and homeschooling makes it too hard to exercise. It strikes me as a "common" idea. I'm not qualified to say for sure that it's wrong, but it does strike me as similar to saying, "because I have six kids and homeschooling and a house and a prayer life, I simply do not have time for the kids to do soccer or piano." I notice that many busy mothers manage to get their kids' enrichment activities on the schedule. Which is more essential?

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