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19 September 2010


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Oh, I love tuna with apple (and green onion)! And tuna with curry! And tuna with garbanzos! And tuna with white beans and finely sliced onions (subbing olive oil for mayo)!

I don't think chicken would work with dill anything because I think dill is Of The Devil, but that's just me. :-)


I've been playing around with tuna salads quite a bit in the past year. Like you I always do mayonnaise and minced onion and celery. Though I usually use red onion if I have it. And I almost always throw in a bit of mustard. Pickle relish used to be my staple but recently I've started throwing in other pantry staples like roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, and olives. I tried a tuna salad with olives and orange slices on a bed of lettuce that was heavenly.

Hmmm... I bet artichoke hearts would be good too. I've usually got a few cans of those in the pantry.


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks canned chicken tastes like canned tuna. It makes me wonder if appearance is that big of an influence on taste.


"I make them from items I almost always have on hand, which yields a nice synergy with (tuna OR chicken)'s pantry-backup capabilities. Both recipes contain mayonnaise, which takes care of the leanness and dryness, carrying flavors and improving the mouthfeel -- generally making the culinary experience much more satisfying."--those are some really fun sentences.


Betty Duffy, this is what comes of being a foodie-turned-engineer-turned-housewife, married to an engineer-turned--food-scientist. I write sentences like that completely unaware of how, er, fun they are.

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