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16 September 2010


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Brilliant!!! Thanks for this.


I don't want to dust my house more often.

I don't want to shop locally when ordering online is so much cheaper.

I don't want to stop going out to eat even though it would be more frugal.

I don't want to do additional abs-only exercises when I get home from running. I love running.

Is it a good sign or a bad sign that I'm having trouble thinking these things up?

Barbara C.

I don't think that I really agree with the first part.

While it's true that if there are things we REALLY want to do, we will find away. But there are also things that I would sorta like to do but other things or the needs of others take priority. And then there are things that I really want to do that are not completely in my hands (I have to make decisions with that guy I'm married to and there is only so much money).

There are times when I have to choose between eating a snack, taking a shower, or taking a nap and as much as I really WANT to do all three I only have time to do one.

Now there are some things I have just had to honestly accept about myself:

I don't want to do crafts or science experiments with my kids.


Ha! So true! I have always said that in the back of my mind when I hear people say "I'd love to homeschool, but....." We make time/effort ALL THE TIME for the things we really want to do or think we should. I just tell them they're not being called or they would figure out how to make it work.

Now, what Don't I want to do? Get off the computer and drive my son to school...


I thought of the verse: you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Granted, not the greatest of applicable verses, yet... if we know the truth about ourselves, then we are free from self deception. And as you state in your final paragraph, that is freeing. It is hard to be honest with myself. Though I guess there are some obvious ones: I don't want to clean the toilet. I don't want to clean any part of the bathroom. I don't want to head up our faith formation at church. Yet I do those things. So does that mean I really do want to do them? I don't know. I think I will have to think some more about this great post.


Barbara, I guess you are right; there are some things we're truly not permitted to do. But I suppose you could turn them around and think, "Well, I want to meet my kids' needs more than I want to do XYZ..."

Delores, that is an interesting way of turning it around... if we do things, is that evidence that we in fact want to do them? I think the answer is yes -- the things that we keep doing must be serving us in some way. The bathroom cleaning is obvious (hey, clean toilets are nice to have) but sometimes it's worth it to take the time to figure out. Why do I keep losing my keys? Do I WANT to lose my keys? Not really, but maybe I want to save the few steps it will take to walk back to the entryway and put them on the hook (and I'm fooling myself by pretending that it won't result in losing my keys.) So if that's what I want, can I fix the problem by putting up hooks in other rooms, thus increasing the number of places I may hang them and yet reducing the number of places I have to look for keys? You see?

Some of it comes down to this way people often speak of themselves as having two selves -- "part of me wants to do x and part of me doesn't."

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