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07 September 2010


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Margaret in Minnesota

That is so cool! Is this at your home or at your friend's?


This is at my house -- sorry for the blurry, I took it with a cell phone. But it's set up for a co-schooling day.

The corner desk (which is where I'm sitting now as I type this) is a built-in in the corner of my living room. It's the same space where we do most of the schooling. So we need to use headphones in order to have a video-watching station that works (there are nine kids here today counting the baby).

The white star-shaped thing that the headphones are plugged into is a five-way audio splitter called the Belkin RockStar. I totally recommend it and plan to get another one. I use a short strip of masking tape to tape each headphone cable to the desk near the edge. This does an unbelievably good job of keeping the headphones separated and untangled all day while kids come and go watching movies in between their lesson times.

See the little pink picture taped to the bottom left corner of the iMac? It reminds the kids that when they use headphones they are only allowed to have the volume turned up to four.

The keyboard and mouse are out of the way on a shelf above the monitor -- you can barely see it in the picture.

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