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10 October 2010


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You may want to consider looking at 'Teaching Writing: Structure and Style' Seminar Workbook from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Although it is a writing program, the tools used for making keyword outline and summarizing narrative stories are invaluable. You don't need the DVDs and workbook is around $30.
Have fun! Deanna


I like the ideas. I am teaching American History to my 9, 11, and 13 year olds together and it is interesting what they pick out as important. I completely agree that we pick things out based on what we already know. I see that really coming into play with my 15 year old. She is studying Greek History for the 2nd time around and is much better able to analyze it than she did 4-5 years ago. Part of that is simply her age, but part of it is that she has a better overall understanding and a place to "hang the information" as they say.


Something that I did - because some kids are more auditory and some more visual - was to have everyone read the story silently first, then listen to it read aloud. Starting young with Charlotte Mason type narration also helps.

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