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13 October 2010


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It's frighteningly easy to get lazy about it. Right now I also am dealing with this, since I sprained my ankle last Tuesday. This week, even though it still hurts, I have been forcing myself to do slow, gentle 20 minutes of walking at the time I would be doing exercise just so I don't lose the habit and mindset of exercise.


I think with a sprain you're supposed to walk on it anyway, aren't you?


I have been walking on it, but not for active exercise -- it hurt a little too much. My doctor advised stretching exercises for the first week, keeping my foot up to keep the swelling down, and strengthening exercises after that.

Today is actually the first day where I feel like I could walk normally, at close to my normal speed. (I'm a fast walker.) Instead of being actively painful, which caused me to limp, the hurting muscles are JUST sore, which is a big improvement.

Of course, I'm most frustrated because I am planning to run in a race next month -- I just hope this doesn't slow me down!

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