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15 October 2010


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Barbara C.

We don't keep a scale in our house (unless you count the Wii fit). Let's just say that it's better that way.

But really I am surprised that they let you keep your old driver's license. Back in KY they used to make you turn in your old one when you got your new one. I wanted to keep my first driver's license with my braces, long frizzy hair, and gigantic blue glasses...talk about a moment in time.

I don't know what IL does when you get a new license, so far they've just given us renewal stickers. Of course, I've never had the option to receive my license by mail.

Christy Porucznik

I think that a lot of the 'don't weigh every day' advice is coming from the eating disorder treatment community and the notion of focusing on something else, like how your clothes fit, rather than a number on a scale. As you say, different strokes for different folks.

BTW-- worst weight loss related comment I have heard in a while "You look skinny. You should get a mammogram." From a physician.


Skinny = mammogram? That does not compute. Please explain.

Re: license: I had to go to the DMV to renew my license, but I received the new license in the mail a few weeks later. They clip the corner off your old one and hand it back to you. I guess the theory is you can sort of use it for ID until the new one comes.

Christy Porucznik

skinny = mammogram means that such weight loss must mean you have cancer. I guess the extra bit of info that you haven't been announcing to the world "I am trying to lose weight" should be part of the equation.

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