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26 October 2010


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I would love to hear more about your maintenance algorithm (although I am so far from maintenance it's not funny).


I thought I'd written too much about that before... but I can go into it again. Briefly, there's two parts to it:

(1) how I, literally, watch my weight and decide when it's time to intervene

(2) what I do when I make that decision.

And the reality, of course, is that I move more slowly than I ought to. It surprises me how difficult it is just to remember to make the changes back to strictness. Ordinary maintenance (as opposed to trying-to-take-off-a-couple-pounds-maintenance) is not really all that different from weight loss, but there are enough slight differences that it takes a bit of an effort.

(Both are very, very different from the old way of eating...)

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