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18 November 2010


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No, no, no, you can't ask to have your neighbor's cart fixed! Your neighbor has to ask. Tsk, tsk.

Margaret in Minnesota

You sound far more patient in your description of this event than I feel reading it. Aaargh. Don't get my husband started on garbage-collecting companies.


I wish I was dealing with a garbage-collecting company.

Then I could fire them and hire a DIFFERENT garbage-collecting company.

Alas, opting out is not allowed. The government has decreed that I am not allowed to ask someone else to come take away my garbage.


Bizarre, isn't it? In Maple Grove we are allowed to individually choose our garbage company. Yes, it is nice to have the ability to do that. But, I also think it's a waste to have 3 garbage trucks come down our cul-de-sac every Friday. So, when a 4th company approached my door explaining that their trucks were smaller/ ran cleaner/ and were safer for the kiddos I didn't bite. I didn't see how changing from 3 big trucks to 3 big trucks and 1 small one would help.


Well, theoretically your neighbors might see the smaller truck and think, "I want THAT company to pick up my garbage!" If you felt strongly enough you could tell your neighbors and encourage them to switch.

Not saying that's realistic, but it is a power you have in Maple Grove that I don't in Minneapolis.

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