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06 November 2010


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It’s very strange, Erin, yours is one of the first blogs that I began to follow years ago – three, four, five years? How long have you been writing? And I’ve never commented or “outed” myself, even when you gave the opportunity because well, I didn’t know what to say really. I started reading your blog long before you began to address your eating issues and read with avid interest your posts on your eating (and home making and child-rearing). And your no-nonsense, character building approach really meant something to me, you gave particular meaning to weight loss that had been lacking in my perspective (as someone who battles food addiction) and I admire your tenacity and application. (Not to mention your child-birthing manner.)

And well, the thing is, we couldn’t be more different: I’m an atheist with one child and no more ever, birth-controlled up to the eyeballs, pro-choice, mainstream schooling, liberal, living a relatively high life in London. And yet, in spite of our many and varied differences, I have read your blog all these years and it has contributed to the quality of my life and I wanted to thank you for that contribution and for your handiwork and humour and example.

And this article in particular, today and the back-link to the previous article are well-timed missives for me. So thank you for them and for walking a worthy walk (even if I don’t read all of the religious writings that you do – some, but not all, I mean how much of St. Francis de Sales can one atheist take?) May you continue in faith and strength (and in the knowledge that you reach beyond a predictable demographic.)


Beth -
Wow - I'm speechless. Thank you so much, those are very kind words!

Blogging is such a strangely rewarding activity. I started it (in February 2005) without thinking much about what it would turn into -- how much time it would take, whether it would be good for my family, what other activities it might take the place of. Just something fun to do. I still struggle with describing what it has turned into for me. The most surprising pleasure has been the way it has created a (relatively tiny) community of readers here -- some of them also bloggers that I read, and that some of you read -- and I'm occasionally awed to think of all the other tiny interrelated networks of reader-communities gathered around all the other blogs -- many with unpredictable demographics.

There are just so many cool people in the world, and we could meet so many of them, and have great conversations, if we had world enough and time.

Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me. Please comment more! :-)

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