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24 December 2010


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Merry Christmas!

Everything is always different in the morning. I hope yours is better!

the Mom

I hear ya. From one stuck at home with sick people mom to another....Merry Christmas!

I'm pulling for you.


Merry Christmas to you! I'm sorry your plans didn't work out, we are not able to be with our families this year either, so we sympathize.


Merry unexpected Christmas! You're in my prayers, that you'll find some surprise blessings in your time at home.

Amy F

Merry Christmas, Erin. My SIL, BIL, and niece all got that late last week and into the weekend, then my Leo puked twice Sat. night and I was sure we were done for. I'm not feeling great tonight, but so far we haven't had to change any plans, despite my being convinced that someone was about to throw up all over me starting any second. I'll breathe a sigh of relief when we get through Monday (our last get-together). I hope everyone at least feels decent in the morning and you find ways to celebrate.


Merry Christmas, Erin. I hope you are all better soon and perhaps we can still get together! Kiss my godson for me.


Thanks everyone! We are mostly better (I had a slight relapse of queasy after probably Doing Too Much on Christmas Day, and Leo is still kind of cranky).

We had one Christmas present that wasn't sent to Ohio - fortunately it was a new Wii, which was enough to keep the kids joyful. Oh, and also Mark got me a lot of beer for Christmas, so that's pretty good.

Amy F

I ended up spending Christmas Day on the couch with the baby while my husband and older kids were celebrating at my parents' house and I'm finally feeling better today. Here's hoping the rest of the family doesn't get it--or at least waits until Tuesday--so we can go to my aunt's house in the morning to see the other side of the family. I held out just long enough for my in-laws to be here Christmas Eve (and they'd been sick earlier in the week, so hopefully I didn't pass anything their way).


Merry Christmas! I hope you all felt better on the 25th. And just remember: Christmas is 12 days long, so you can kind of make up for the illness.


I'm the same way. I have such a hard time letting go of my plans. Blessed Christmas to you and your family, Erin. I hope everyone feels better soon.


Will you get to take a later trip to make up for the Christmas one you missed, or is that simply lost vacation?

Hope you're all feeling better. Maybe a late Christmas feast is in order... :)


I think we'll get to go to Ohio sometime later this winter.

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