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09 December 2010


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We sprinkle nutmeg on eggnog nut not sugar.


I just can't imagine any other spice tasting as good as cinnamon. I think I'd have to have a pretty bad head cold to sprinkle cumin instead of cinnamon.

Christy Porucznik

Have had mixtures of cayenne and sugar, often with chocolate included, and can confirm the excellence.


sugar works well with ginger--a la gingerbread.


OK Christy, and Sara, what do you sprinkle the stuff on?

Christy Porucznik

Cayenne and sugar on candied nuts! Then put on salad or eat straight. Yum.


Oh yes, that does sound good.

I was also thinking, maybe, sweet potatoes?

Christy P.

was about to suggest sprinkling the spiced nuts on sweet potatoes.

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