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08 January 2011


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Okay, I have to ask: how was the breakfast? Because it really does not sound great; but maybe it was the best thing you have ever eaten.


Very, very yummy. I love root vegetables and kale.


What is a root vegetable if you don';t mind me asking.


A root vegetable is a vegetable that is a root.

Examples are carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, and rutabagas.

Christy Porucznik

Did you lose your Maya? Or is Leo such a ring sling baby that it is important to have an extra in case one is too soiled?


The Maya exploded -- after 7 years and 3 babies it got a run in it that ripped right down the middle.

I think I got my money's worth out of it. No word on whether I will get equivalent worth out of this new one :-)

Mark is actually the one who really likes to wear babies in the ring sling. I prefer the rebozo, but now we are such different sizes that if it is knotted for me, he has to retie it.

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