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07 January 2011


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I've got an obvious question: is this a way to learn Creighton at a reduced price? It's kind of expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it.


Are nursing mothers eligible? I tried to participate in a study of the Marquette model but they exclude nursing mothers.


I went and looked at the study criteria and I'm thrilled to see the intent to examine the relationship between "stated intent" to avoid/achieve pregnancy and actual sexual behavior. This is one of the things that sort of pisses me off about many NFP effectiveness studies - they often assume a toggle-switch kind of intent. In my discussions with lots of NFP users, particularly those with a Catholic or Catholic-flavored philosophy toward child-spacing and family size, "intent" can be quite fluid.

Amy F

If I'm still waiting for my first postpartum period, does that count me out? I haven't had any signs that it's coming any time soon. My history is cycles returning at 9 mo and 14 mo postpartum and I'm currently 5.5 mo.

Christy Porucznik

Jamie - breastfeeding women can be eligible if they have returned to cycles.

Amy -- you could become eligible once you return to cycles, but I'll bet that it doesn't happen before we stop recruiting in March.

Regarding intention and effectiveness - this study is capturing changing intent way more than most studies, but it is still not perfect. Ideal would be asking people to rate pregnancy intention each day at the beginning of the day. That becomes unwieldy, and data quality may be an issue.

We would love to have been able to offer the instruction at a reduced price or free for the study, but the budget just doesn't allow. Offering free instruction for study members could also create some selection bias and damage the generalizability of the study -- people learning for free (effectively getting a lot of compensation for participating b/c as you say it is $$) may have different motivation than then average CrM or NFP user, and the greater scientific community would use that to try and discredit the findings.

MN is one of the only states where insurance will pay for instruction, but most FertilityCare Centers offer a sliding scale based upon income and family size. I have even heard of some parishes subsidizing the cost of instruction, so if you are interested and think that cost is a barrier, it is worth asking some questions.


This sounds very interesting. I have a few questions:

Is this for women whose cycles have settled into a postpartum routine? My cycle just returned at 6 mo. postpartum, but I'm still in that long ambiguous phase.

Do you have to know Creighton specifically? I observe mucus, of course, but I like me my thermometer too.

Christy Porucznik

We are accepting women who have had their first postpartum menstrual flow regardless of the cycle regularity.
The study is for people learning Creighton and using it to avoid. One issue in NFP studies is lack of systematic protocol, so we are only including people who have learned Creighton.


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