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24 January 2011


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You know, I (almost) never type anything into the web browser to search. I usually use the Google search in the right-hand corner of Firefox. That way, I can click on exactly where I want to go, rather than stumble onto some other site. I've taught my children to do this, too, ever since a friend of mine went looking for "rules for t-ball", mistyped it, and ended up at a site with porn cartoons. With a name just similar enough for someone to stumble on to it.


Well, I wasn't searching -- I would have used the equivalent Google search box on the right-hand corner of my web browser, too, if I was going to search. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, so I was typing the address into the address bar.

The problem is the existence in Safari of both an autocomplete that picks sites from your history (so I can expect that if I type "reader.g" then "reader.google.com" will pop up) and also a feature which automatically adds the ".com" if you leave it off the address (so for instance, even with my history cleared, if I type "cnn" into the address bar, it decides that I want "http://www.cnn.com." If you type a few letters and hit return, it'll go to "thosefewletters.com" if there is such a place.


I mostly rely on the googles automatic correction.


I guess the caffeine hadn't hit my brain yet. I meant that even if I know exactly where I want to go, I type it in Google so I can see the precise link I want, and then click that. The Google search has a memory, too, so that if I type "accu" it will give me the choice of "accuweather" to search for.

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