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30 January 2011


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Great post! Many thoughts on it. I am reminded somehow, though I cannot trace the link in my brain, to your "letting go" of time.

LeeAnn Balbirona

Yes, fat or thin, it's the obsession with the body that is vanity. "Eating too daintily" can be gluttony too, right?

Hard to give up any ground in such a hard-won campaign.

I think so long as you are following your normal healthy plan of eating (maintaining your habits), observing the fasts of the Church and acting in charity towards others who feed you (when you are a guest, for example--as you've mentioned before), then you probably have a pretty good long-term plan.

Is there a special reason that 113 is your baseline number? When you are 40 or 50 will that number change? Will you give yourself a little allowance at some point to be not quite so fit?


Thank you.


I can so relate to this post. Thank you for writing it. Lots to think about.


Reading and absorbing. So much to think about. As I grow older, I can't believe how much we women have our emotions tied up in food.


Robin, I was thinking almost that exact same thought the other day. My eating is rarely just about feeding my body when I am hungry -- it is about celebrating, or consoling, or fellowship. And I think the fellowship part is okay in moderation. The others are not. At least for me.


Oh, I think celebrating or consoling with food is fine -- with other people, you know? Alone, it's dangerous (for me anyway).
In other words, make sure you take your celebration or consolation *with* the fellowship.


But the problem with fellowship is when two people who eat to console get together and just encourage one another to eat. Consoling and fellowship eating are fine if one has proven more self control. Or another typical downfall for me: date night with my husband. That 'social' time signals to me 'chip and dip and wine' time. How to break that cycle?


Hm, I suppose that's true -- that two people with the habit of eating immoderately for celebration or consolation could reinforce each other's habits. I live with someone who doesn't reinforce my bad habits, so I didn't think about that.


Golly, my problem isn't necessarily that complex. It's more of a "the teens are mouthing off, ooooh I need a handful of chocolate chips!" kinda thing. If I go out with my husband or friends, it's actually easier for me to eat healthfully, because somebody else is going to cut up all of the veggies for my salad.

Oh, yes, throw laziness into the sinful mix.


I just realized I didn't yet answer LeeAnn's question:

"Is there a special reason that 113 is your baseline number? When you are 40 or 50 will that number change? Will you give yourself a little allowance at some point to be not quite so fit?"

I have this idea that I'll drift down to around 109 or 110 as my youngest baby ages, and stay there (excluding the effects of any future pregnancies I might have) until menopause. After that it's supposed to get harder to stay lean b/c of loss of estrogen, so I guess it depends on how difficult it is. I would be willing to trade a few pounds for a significantly easier-to-enjoy way of eating. But I really don't know where that balance will lie until I get there.


Thank you so much! I've been reading some of your back posts while I try to lose baby fat... you've helped keep me spiritually honest!


Thank you for posting this! I feel like I could've written it a few years ago. I am back to erring toward the gluttonous side of things. I lost 40 lbs. in the summer of 2005 and kept it off, more or less, for a couple of years. I have slowly gained it all back now, though. Plus some. I think gluttony and struggling with weight is partly a generational curse in my family. But I want it to stop with me. I pray that my daughters will know nothing of it. I am so grateful for your reminder that, no matter what, God is more important. That it is JUST as wrong to make being thin an idol, as it is to make food an idol. It is easy for me to say "all or nothing." But, I know we must eat and, in fact, eating is good! I know God gave us food to enjoy and I know He loves variety! I am working on losing weight again. But I do not have the goal of being stick-skinny like I was 40+ pounds thinner. Now I just want to lose about 14 pounds. Just enough to be in a healthy weight range. Well, thanks for your post!

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