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10 January 2011


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Christy Porucznik

Slow progress here. My baby step for the next few weeks/months is to have one shared evening meal a week with another family. It will not likely be the same family every week. Results will be posted. We're living this experiment in the open.


It's surprising how many different kinds of work can be shared or in proximity, incidentally. When Hannah and I first started getting together I was in grad school. We would get together and I would write at her kitchen table while she baked bread and our babies (later toddlers, later boys) crawled around.


This post reminds me a bit of the "Independence is Obnoxious" post on Faith and Family Live.

Kim (in IA)

Still working on building community here. Haven't quite found a tribe yet but have found some good friends and know they'd help if I ever need it. I always value your insight on the topic and I find myself mentioning it to people in hopes that someone will say "oooh...that's what I'm looking for."
The area that I still need to work on is including the total family. Most of my friendships/support are during the work week. On weekend/evenings when Eric is home we are still pretty independent.


I love this idea. I'm still working on the very first baby step: finding a friend who lives nearby.

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