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20 January 2011


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Do you take post requests? I've been wondering what the Bearing take would be on two questions lately. First, what do you think about the idea of carb addiction? I am vaguely remembering a post in which you mused about "re-setting" an inner regulatory mechanism through long stretches of low-carbing. I ask because I am a sugar FIEND and go back and forth, chronically, between abstaining and over-indulging.

Second, have you read Ellyn Satter? What do you think about her ideas re: honoring appetite and accepting body weight in view of Catholic teaching on gluttony?


I'm not familiar with Ellyn Satter. I just looked at her website and I have to say I'm not too impressed by anyone who says we should "avoid virtue," even if she's being tongue-in-cheek. I also am not convinced that weight cycling is inherently physically harmful. But that's just from a quick look over her website. I don't want to make any assumptions about "honoring appetite" and "accepting body weight" without knowing exactly what she means by that. I mean, if you're so heavy you can't get down on the floor and play with your kids, why accept that? But maybe that's not what she means.


I've written about the concept of "addiction" before btw





I needed this today. I mean, I really, really needed to read this! Thank you.

Have you ever done a post on your faith and your weight loss? I remember one post in which you talk about a very specific prayer request as you went up to receive communion. But have you ever done a post on how your faith has helped you through this, specifically? I am thinking along the lines of rosaries, patron saints, confession, etc.



Delores, the one you remember is probably the only one along those lines. I tend to have a fairly, er, cognitive approach to my faith. I would say that my Catholicism helped me mostly through a framework of how to *think* about my weight problem and about what was happening to me. Not that prayer wasn't a part of it, but it was more a matter of one specific answer to one specific prayer rather than prayer being a sustaining force for me all along. I did bring some things to Confession along the way. Grateful for that.


[Jamie said she had trouble posting this comment:]

Thanks for the link to the insulin post. That's exactly the one I was thinking of. I should take a look at that book.

Ellyn Satter doesn't mean what we mean by "virtue," FWIW. She's talking about avoiding fat and sugar and salt because it's "better" not to eat them. I know you'd agree with at least part of her take, since you've written a fair amount about the importance of fat for satiety and flavor.

If you see Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family at the library, maybe pick it up. I'd love to hear your take.



I suppose it wouldn't be quite as bad taking a couple days layover in Akron before heading on. But, it's almost never a layover. It is really does turn into going the wrong direction. I like your analogy. It made me think a few times today.


My kids have a couple of those pull-back car toys--you pull it backward on the floor and when you let it go it zips forward. My attempts at weight loss tend to resemble the pull-back car. I get to Akron and think I'm doing okay, and then zip back to the East Coast and into the ocean. About four years ago I was 135 lbs and wanted to lose about five pounds. Each dieting attempt--and I'm not even talking about severely limited calories but much more rational "eat a bit less"--resulted in some weight loss followed by regain plus a little. Now I'm at 150lbs. I've figured out I have a really, really good compensatory mechanism, and "temporary deprivations" trigger those mechanisms. So the next step is to figure out what it takes to make sure the car is pointed towards the East Coast. Baby steps, I suspect, and promoting good habits (and eating enough protein), rather than "eating less".

(Your gluttony posts are helpful in figuring out how to think about all this, since, of course, most of conventional wisdom doesn't take anything into account beyond calories-in/calories-out and willpower.)

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