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24 February 2011


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Sounds like my attempt to declutter my school books. I got them down, listed them on Cathswap (to which I never paid attention before) only to find 2x as many as I sold that I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED.

Too funny!

If you bring coffee tomorrow, I promise I can add Baileys. ;-) I can't promise coffee, though.

Amy F

Well, there's somrthing to be said for updating to liquor that's less than a decade old, at least!


as soon as I read "rum" I thought "rum and coke."

Well, to me it sounds like you just need to have a drinks and snacks party. Invite all your friends and then just share the wealth. And then start over. As long as they understand that they are not allowed in if they bring alcohol to share.


Delores: Not enough of my friends drink. At least not heavily. (Didn't you see the part about where I run with a bad crowd now?)


This certainly is a new spin on decluttering for me. Anytime you need help decluttering, I'd be happy to help--LOL!!!


Our liquor cabinet is in similar need of decluttering. When we were married, Dom moved into the apartment that I'd been living in for more than five years. As the last roommate standing, I inherited the liquor cabinet that had accumulated in that apartment at various parties and through a succession of roommates moving out and abandoning anything they didn't want to take with them. For some reason we've moved this collection of booze twice now, even though it contains some things like Sambuca that neither of us is likely to drink.

As for the mediocre vodka, I'd use it in a tomato sauce.


That would be a lot of tomato sauce -- the Karkov is in a BIG bottle (almost a jug). We must have a fifth of it -- I mean 750 ml -- still left to go.


Cook's Illustrated uses vodka as part of the liquid in pie crust. I guess it makes it moist enough to roll out, but not enough to activate the gluten in the dough.

Yeah, this is way geeky.

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