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14 February 2011


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Thank you for spreading the word about this. I had this with all of my 5 babies, and thought I was going insane until I heard about it. I'm glad I stuck it out (8 or so years of nursing total) but it was nasty to go through. It was a different feeling though, than the crawl out of my skin feeling I would get when nursing while pregnant or tandem nursing (simultaneously, like you described). I guess it's different for all women!


I definitely had a mild case of this. Most women would say that they felt an instant relaxation with the let-down, but it felt like exhaustion for me. Until I had my fourth, and had postpartum depression. Then I felt this sadness every time my milk let down. I assume it was the depression that made it feel more like sadness than the tiredness of the previous babies.


Yes! Finally, I am not alone in this. For me, just about every time my milk would let down, I would start to have waves of anxiety. I never heard of anyone else having this. I am going to check out the links. Thanks, Erin!

Barbara C.

That's interesting. I don't really know if it's D-MER, or just hitting a threshold point, but I usually starting getting anxious feelings after about 14 months of nursing. I just get this sensation where I don't feel like sharing my body anymore.

Becca Balmes

I had to stop nursing my 9 month old when I became pregnant again, because I got the urge to be angry with her for no good reason and had some scary momentary flashes of extreme irritation. I decided that formula was better than the emotional scarring that could come from irrational anger! I didn't want to poison our bond like that, and I'm SO glad I made that decision.


Becca, I hear you. I made it through all my pregnancies without weaning, but I think it's hard to nurse through a pregnancy and I don't blame anyone who decides not to -- I definitely night weaned early on in each pregnancy, deliberately.

I've only deliberately totally weaned once, and that was my almost-3-y-o #2, soon after my #3 was born. I had intended to let the weaning be much more child-led, as I had with my firstborn, but when I found myself having angry, irritable feelings *at the newborn* for wanting to nurse, I decided that was a strong sign that I needed to wean the 3yo. Very, very alarming to find myself angry at the newborn! After I weaned the 3yo, which I did over a period of maybe 6 weeks, everything got a lot better.

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