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13 February 2011


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It's because it was the last thing in style before women stopped wearing headcoverings. All of my old family photos show my relatives in hats. I guess Jackie O. And Grace Kelly wanted to be trendsetting by exchanging the boring hat for the exotic veil and it worked.

But if you want to wear a headcovering without it making as much of a "political" statement then I think a hat would fit the bill nicely. People would think you are wearing it to be stylish rather than holier-than-thou.


This is interesting to think about. I wonder if another layer of difficulty would be if you start to wear a headcovering like a bandanna, people might be concerned that you are having chemo.


Robin, I have had that thought!


I usually (not always) cover my head at Mass, wearing hats in summer, a shawl over my head and shoulders in winter. Headbands like this


or this


might be an option for women who'd like to wear something as a personal devotion but feel it would attract too much attention in their parish communities. A headband also makes a nice, clear distinction between having a sign of authority on one's head "because of the angels" (whatever one understands that to mean!) and covering one's hair for modesty purposes. (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the business linked above, and haven't shopped there, and don't endorse them.)


Some days, when I haven't had time to get a shower, I feel like it's humbling enough to go to church with my own hair on my head.


I've noticed that in older books, such as the St Joseph BAltimore Catechism, the women are not shown wearing veils in church, but hats. I have been wondering for a while if the mantilla thing became popular in the late 1950's/early 1960's, when women stopped wearing hats as part of their dress attire.

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