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06 February 2011


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Karen LH

I suspect that most folks with a weight problem have both problems: ie, their hunger signals are out of whack, and they eat for reasons other than hunger. The best weight-loss plans are the ones that address both issues.


And it's worth noting that whether or not we are mired in gluttony as a besetting or habitual sin, most of us do commit it from time to time unless we're on guard against it. We have lots of opportunities for it! I wonder about how to evaluate what "too expensive" looks like. Am I avoiding "too expensive" as long as I don't break my grocery budget, or is scrimping on staples so I can afford treats just as problematic? Would spending $50 on sushi be gluttonous if I do so because I really feel like eating sushi, but not so much if I'm celebrating a special occasion? Or would it only be a problem if I did so frequently, or were stingy and ungenerous with my money in other respects?


Karen, I think you hit it on the head!

And I was thinking today that I need to embrace hunger as my "friend" or "ally" in this war on gluttony. Perhaps as the weapon of choice. I avoid it because I am afraid of it, because I simply don't like it. But I need to be comfortable with it (like you have pointed out many times, Erin) and in a way, be thankful for it. I need to shift my mentality on hunger.


I would like to explore a little more the question, what constitutes "too expensively." My opinion: gluttony is the hatred of or the rejection of necessary restraints on eating or drinking - so I don't think it's gluttony to spend some of your discretionary income on luxurious food instead of some other luxury, but it would be gluttony to buy food outside your means in excess of what you need. More on this later...

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