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05 March 2011


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LeeAnn Balbirona

OK, these are reasons for not eating or eating less meat I can agree with (the Church laws of fasting & abstinence I already agreed with). I think this is a vastly under-discussed aspect of low-carb eating and I'm glad you're bringing it up.


This is a good post to kick off Lent. :-D We eat less meat simply because we don't have much money. We do splurge on a lot of diary though because a little will fill you up. Other than that we buy sausage and chicken which are used mainly as flavoring for more carb heavy dishes.

The real challenge for me is figuring out how to replace some carbs with veggies without inflating our grocery budget. :-P


Leeann, I think the culprit is 30 years of "low fat is good for you" brainwashing. A low-carb diet need not be a high-protein diet. It can be a moderate-protein, high-fat diet.

I should add for clarity that I don't seem to need to eat very-low-carb to maintain, so we have a variety of cereal/legume-based dishes as well as eating meat. That may bias my conclusions. But I'm realllly suspicious now of "eat all the meat you want" style low-carbing, except for those few people who really can't tolerate any carbs at all.


Kate, I hear you about that one. There's no doubt that vegetables are not as cheap as rice and potatoes. (Hey, U.S. government! As long as you're going to pay massive subsidies to farmers, how about subsidizing some broccoli?)

I wonder if any readers have suggestions for buying veggies on a budget? It's not an area where I have done much careful attention to prices, other than buying what's on sale.


Oh, and Kate, my understanding is that *unless a person is already obese,* there isn't really a need to go low-carb. Healthy humans subsist very successfully on a wide variety of diets, including vegetarian ones that use cereals and legumes for much of their protein. If you don't exhibit symptoms of insulin resistance already, preventing it might be a matter only of choosing less-refined carbs and limiting refined sugar.


Maybe you can replace some of your meat/dairy with a bean/grain combo for more protein. I stretch hamburger in our tacos/burritos by cooking dried (black) beans and barley, with spices, then adding browned burg before serving. Or I've also done a pork/pinto bean combo in my crockpot. (in my area, pork sirloin roast is cheaper than hamburger) A 2-3 lb pork roast and 2 lbs pintos (with spices, etc.) fills my 6qt crockpot to the top. For my family of six, this is 3 meals with a little leftover each time.

To make a short story long, maybe by stretching things with dried beans/grains, and cooking them yourself, you could transfer some savings in the budget for more veggies.

Then there's that whole 'gardening' thing.....

And bearing, when counting calories, the problem is that it's easy to go low-carb because carbs are so calorie-heavy. In a choice between a hard boiled egg for breakfast (70 cal) and toast with natural peanut butter (290 cal) guess which wins? But guess which one tastes better!

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