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12 April 2011


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Christy P.

I, for one, have missed your musings. As I spend most of my day alone in my office, it feels good to have evidence of life outside.

LeeAnn Balbirona

Ditto Christy's first comment. I was reading about controlling curiousity this week in My Daily Bread. I think the pruning idea is a step down the right path. I have many interests, not all of them lead to anything really good or useful to me though.


The odd thing is that I didn't really set out to avoid blogging, but I have not been terribly interested in it. I am sure I will be back in form eventually. I must just be a little extra-immersed in real life. That and school planning for next year (almost done! yay!)


What are these blogs that make you edgy?

I tend to keep reading books that make me mad. Don't know why--because I can't even entertain the hope of engaging the author in debate. But I enjoy the internal debate--feels like the most intellectually fruitful state to be in. Probably not the most spiritually fruitful--I don't know.

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