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27 April 2011


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Betty Beguiles

That's hilarious! :)

Amy F

There's a huge difference between your wearing running clothes to the Y and someone wearing yoga pants everywhere -- you have reason to be proud of wearing them!

I only wear yoga pants as pajamas, but tend towards jeans and a t-shirt, particuarly during the 9 months of not-summer. I've worn mostly skirts instead of shorts for the past couple summers but have a hard time convincing myself to wear skirts when it's cold. I'd like to move towards wearing some vintage-type dresses, but I need nursing-friendly clothes for the time-being.

I love your husband's response!


Your husband is awesome!


I think it's demonstrably true that well-fitting jeans look better than a frumpy skirt. The issue, to me, is not what you wear out (within the bounds of reason and decency) but does it fit well and look good on you?

How 'bout: I wore a skirt the other day because everything else was dirty, and all day I was prickled by the background irritation that I didn't have the right shoes to wear with it. And that my legs were pasty white. A skirt isn't a panacea for fashion woes.

Betty Beguiles

I totally agree, Mrs. Darwin. I hope I didn't give the impression that this is going to be some sort of anti-pants series. Neither I, nor the book, have anything against pants. I rather like them, actually. ;)

Jeanne G.

I love your husband's comment. I can't get mine to say anything. Except when I was going to throw away a certain skimpy because it was uncomfortable. Then he looked like he could cry and asked me to keep it, since I wouldn't have to wear it long anyway.

Barbara C.

My husband cares more about my appearance than I do. But I really don't dress any different for everyday than I did when we met. But my ever-changing body through four pregnancies and a lack of time and money leaves me looking more frumpy in clothing that doesn't fit right.

For the first time in probably two years, I got to go out for a whole day by myself that didn't involve running family errands the whole time. I picked up three new shirts and denim capris. My husband was impressed that I picked clothes that actually flattered me. I explained that it is possible when I actually have time to try things on instead of just grabbing things in passing and hoping they fit right.

jen ambrose


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