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13 May 2011


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I find this incredibly interesting -- as in coincidental interesting. I just started doing almost these exact same steps: step 1 and habit 1: journal each morning. I write about the previous day. This may not be the ideal timing, but right now this works for me. Habit 2: weigh myself every morning, no matter what I ate the day before. I listed other habits to work on but will not officially move onto them until these two habits are in place. Although I am already starting to improve in other areas such as drinking more water, but that will not start 'officially' until I am ready for it. So I will very interested to see your progress. I am also working on surrounding myself with motivational reading: your blog, sparkpeople daily digest, reading about gluttony, reading the writing of the saints, etc. I am not sure what direct effect this will have, but I know it cannot hurt.

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