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14 May 2011


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Gah! It's like you're in my pantry, observing! Or watching me make quesadillas. :)

I love this series.


Meh, the quesadilla point just isn't working for me. Surely you *could* eat cheese while cooking and not get in on the floor. It's not *that* difficult. So "This isn't so much a problem because of the cheese calories" really doesn't ring true. It IS the calories that are the problem, no? That's the whole point of these posts.


Lisa, I think the point is that the shoving of cheese into the mouth, to the point of getting it on the floor (which I have done as well) is gluttony, regardless of the calorie count. And *gluttony* is the underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

(Shredded cheese is simply not made to be eaten out of hand, so that's an issue as well.)


Exactly, MrsDarwin. Eating an ounce of cheese because it looks tasty is not gluttony. But eating that same ounce of cheese and not caring whether I drop it on my shirt or clothes or floor as much as I care about getting it in my mouth immediately, that's gluttony.

If I thought to myself, "Gosh, I'd love to have some of that freshly-shredded sharp cheddar cheese," so I went and got a little bowl and put some cheese in it, and then finished making the quesadillas, and then went and sat down and nibbled on the cheese and enjoyed it? No gluttony there. And I'd get to eat the same amount of cheese and would probably enjoy it more.

As it is, I go "NOM NOM CHEESE" [insert Cookie-Monster-like visual] and then I'm like, sheesh, now I have to clean this up.

Another clue that this is gluttony: Although they are allowed to eat it with a spoon from a bowl if they want, I absolutely forbid my children from eating cheese by hand out of the bag. Why is it okay when I do it? (answer: apparently, because power corrupts)


(And, no, calories are not the problem. I need about 1600 every day. Some of them can even come from impulsively-consumed shredded cheddar cheese. This is not a sin.)

Christy P.

I too had been thinking about this and thinking that the cheese example also illustrated some of your other habits such as the always 2 transfers such that the food is eaten from a plate and not a bag etc. Can't recall if one of your habits was to eat sitting down rather than standing up.

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