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06 May 2011


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LeeAnn Balbirona

"Accepting the facts and deciding to act on them."

This is very similar to Fr. Paone's definition of Humility given in "My Daily Bread" devotional. Interesting.


Oh, what does it say?

LeeAnn Balbirona

The Virtue of Humility

Christ: My child, humility is a much misunderstood virtue. Many people think it is an unreasoning sense of inferiority, or a lack of self-appreciation. It is an honest facing of facts, admitting them, and acting according to them. The humble man lives free of all pretense and self-decption. This honesty with facts helps him to think clearly and act fairly in his daily life. ...
Think: There is so much pretense in human society, so much "putting on," so much posing . We like to appear better than we are, but we do not always work hard enough to become better. If I were honest, I would admit my many faults and my few virtues....

There's more, but I think this re-emphasizes the spiritual aspect of weight loss/maintenance as a battle against gluttony. It's not just a physical thing but a spiritual struggle as well. And the first step in breaking free from sin is probably always humility, acknowledging that we can't do it on our own power, that we've been deceiving ourselves or letting ourselves be deceived.


Wow, you're right, that *is* really close!

It's not just wanting to appear better than we are, too. Sometimes we want to appear worse than we are -- at least to ourselves -- so that we can write off ourselves as hopeless or beyond help. It absolves us from the work of trying to change and from the effort of sustaining hope.

I know I've encountered it before, the point that "humility" = "accuracy," but it's good to be reminded of it. "Humility" is such a loaded word. Accuracy is something we should all be able to get behind. And when you recast humility as accuracy, it is pretty obvious that humility isn't just virtuous, it's also *useful.*

LeeAnn Balbirona

Re: wanting to appear worse than we are...that would be akin to the "sin against the Holy Spirit" aka the unforgiveable sin, no? When you believe your sins are too great to be forgiven, you can't receive forgiveness. Humility required all around.

Yes, humility is not just this milquetoast birds singing rosy cheeked St. Francis thing, but a real practical useful virtue that leads to concrete steps that change us. :)

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