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22 May 2011


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This is a very motivating post!


Do you have a pair of black patent leather flats or pumps? I find those to be the best color to wear with blue, especially if you pair a white/navy sailor type shirt with a pair of blue jeans. But I hear you about brown. I have two pairs of brown boots that I bought years ago from Coach that seemed like a huge purchase at the time, but have literally never gone out of style and I can wear them with just about anything, including black! But that's for the Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Christy P.

Think I can live forever without navy, particularly since I usually dress in the dark, and it is too easy to mix up with black, but I just don't see myself being able to limit to either black/grey or brown. For packing for a single trip though, I limit to one or the other.


Re: mixing navy with black, I am nearly unable to tell them apart in any light. Even if I'm holding a black sock and a navy sock in my hands right next to each other, I really have to stare at them. Actually, I had all but ditched navy some years back for that reason. Not having missed it, I decided to ditch brown too.

It's kind of an antisocial, calculating approach to fashion, I guess, but it solves a lot of problems for me. And you can't deny that it is conducive to simplicity and reduced consumption!


Such insight into how to simplify a wardrobe... thank you!
I have been detaching from many clothes I simply don't wear or don't feel comfortable wearing. It's a process, and your post will surely help!
Thank you.


Now this is an approach to fashion I get! I am not quite sure I could completely jettison black from my wardrobe (brown is my first choice, but still...) but I really like the idea of simplfying like this. My non-maternity summer clothes are I intentionally like this (all brown or blue bottoms with solid, somewhat bright tops that go with everything - and I loved it last summer. I do wish I could find cotton tops that will last more than one summer, but oh well... Still it was great. I never managed to do the same w/ the other seasons though. I just couldn't visualize what I wanted in the same way.

And now that I'm 24 weeks pregnant, I'm trying to cobble together a summer wardrobe from previous pregnancies... None of which saw me this huge at this time of year. Really, I should have tried to have all the kids in the same season... It would make the whole maternity wardrobe thing so much easier!


Amber, congratulations!


Thanks, Mrs. D!

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