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27 May 2011


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One of my favorite workouts is a out-and-beat-myself-back: run 30 minutes in one direction, then try to beat that time on my way back. The key for me is to still push myself a bit on the way out so that it's a genuine challenge during the second half. I have clocked some of my fastest running during these kinds of workouts. And they are (dare I say it?) pretty fun too. :)


Celeste, that is a very elegant and simple sort of workout...


I was slowly drifting off to sleep the other night and my mind was wandering. I am 39 this year and, obviously, will be 40 next year. I thought about this post and making the second "half" of my life better, taking it further, than the first half. Some days I feel like that wouldn't be that hard since, on those days, I don't feel like I have accomplished much. But regardless: it is a motivation to live more intentionally. This could also be applied to each day: make sure the second half (when I am tired) is better than the first half. Or at least as good. This does not mean I have to physically do more, but I think it can mean just being more intentional and purposeful. Thanks for the motivating post!

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