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30 May 2011


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Margaret in Minnesota

I understand, to a very small extent, that war is indeed hell. At Mass today, Father said that war is a consequence of sin; how could it not be ugly and abhorrent?

Yet, by honoring our soldiers with tribute and song, we are honoring their valor & their virtue--not the war itself.

It *is* ironic that some of these war songs are beautiful--they bring me to tears because I realize, to some small extent, all that was (and continues to be) at stake.

Margaret in Minnesota

I realize, too, that I should have proofed that last comment to avoid repeating myself.


I understand the distinction between honoring war and honoring valor. But I feel more kinship with valor when the nature of war itself -- interior and exterior, physical and spiritual -- is laid more bare.

Or, to put it another way, I like and am moved by the first two stanzas of "In Flanders Fields." I don't like the third one. It feels too much like honoring war than honoring warriors -- puts words in their mouths that I'm uncomfortable doing. Perhaps because not all "quarrels with the foe" are righteous, and I hope the dead have more perspective than we do.


Death Of the Ball Turret Gunner.

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