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07 May 2011


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Charlotte (Matilda)

Absolutely! Right now, I am pregnant and I started this pregnancy about 30 pounds heavier than any of my other pregnancies. I wish I had taken the time and made the effort to try and change that before getting pregnant, but it's too late to think about "coulda, woulda, shoulda". What I decided to do, with the approval of my doctor is keep myself to a range of a certain number of calories per day. Again, this number was approved by my doctor whom I see regularly. Anyway, I'm not "dieting". My goal is not to lose weight while pregnant. My goal is to limit the amount of extra weight I gain. I want all weight gain to be baby weight. So far, at 21 weeks, I haven't gained anything at all. One of the first things I noticed when I started counting my caloric intake was that I was going to have to make better food choices if I didn't want to blow my calories for the day. There is a big difference in the number of calories in a couple of slices of toast and a bowl of salad. If I make a higher calorie choice earlier in the day of something that I am just absolutely craving, I must accept that means a lower calorie choice for dinner. At first, it was very uncomfortable. I didn't like having to weigh and measure and count every little thing. I got over that. So far, I have not felt deprived at all. I have also not felt like I was being too strict or obsessed. It has simply made me more consciously aware of how much I ate without reflection previously. Auto-pilot is a good way to describe it. Now, I am much more aware of the choices I am making and how they affect my weight. And while I know that this comment is primarily focused on eating, the same could be said for exercise as well.


Charlotte: it's definitely true for exercise. Running on a treadmill isn't a lot of fun, but I have gotten used to running longer and longer, even though I don't like it. A couple of years ago, I started running at 5 minutes, unable to believe i could really run ten minutes straight; yesterday I ran 45.

I really wonder if it might be possible just to practice accepting (enduring) the mild privations of waiting till the next meal, or of declining second helpings during meals, simply by repeatedly placing oneself in a situation that is "tempting" and gradually lengthening the time before gratifying yourself. After all, that's basically how I learned I could endure running for 40-plus minutes.

Maybe start by sitting down in front of your lunch and waiting 5 minutes before digging in, the way I started by running only 5 minutes. Then increasing the time until you understand that you CAN choose to resist temptation for an hour or more...


It has taken me a long time to accept that I over eat. I'm overweight because I eat too much. I am very tired of the dieting fog I have lived in for so many years. I have figured out over the last three months that there are ways I can lose weight without trying to completely overhaul myself. I don't have time to write down calories,points,etc. I don't have the budget to buy special foods for myself. I have to be able to eat the food my husband and seven children eat. I have to find time to exercise within the limits of my daily responsibilities. I have always tried to force major changes into my very busy day.I always crashed and burned but for some reason never learned from my mistakes until recently. I have been doing the one helping thing during meals and it works for me. I have also discovered that when I go to be bed a little on the hungry side I feel much better in the morning. Anyway, I accept your propositions. p.s. I'm not trying to say that counting calories or points is ineffective. This approach has overwhelmed me in the past and is not the best choice for me right now,however I know it works very well for some.

Charlotte (Matilda)

I completely understand where you are coming from. I started out using the Light Weigh system to help combat my emotional eating and it was a wonderful resource! It's a Catholic spiritual growth and weight loss program designed to help you battle gluttony and learn to make sacrifices that ultimately contribute to your spiritual and physical well being. The only reason I turned to counting calories is because I was worried about being pregnant and depriving the baby of necessary nutrients. I also, didn't want to be trying to lose weight, just maintain. The surprise benefit I discovered is that it made me much better aware of how much I was consuming, more than I ever allowed myself to believe. You can't fool yourself when you are recording what you eat, whether that is by calorie counting or food journalling or counting points, etc....


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