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03 June 2011


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Great point about finding a "fun" exercise. I like being outdoors and walking my dogs and listening to talk radio, but it's more of a way of life/habit than exercise at this point in my life. I recently discovered a form of exercise, the Lotte Berk Bar Method and it has completely changed my outlook. The first time I took the class I fell over doing a side plank. Now I can hold a plank for 2 min. But it took going every week, then upping it to twice a week for months until I began to see an improvement in my strength and endurance. But it wasn't fun at all. It was brutal. Now that I've gotten better, I actually look forward to the pain and challenge. This is so not me, I've spent most of my life trying to avoid physical pain. I also have a new found respect for my daughters' ballet classes and my son's wrestling work outs.


I have also grown to appreciate the achy feeling. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment! For me, I now realize that I need a deadline and other people -- getting to know the other women in my class has been a surprising bonus. I also love my non-perky instructor who really teaches me why we do what we do. I take a Strength & Resistance class at our local Y, which emphasizes ccore strength and fighting the inevitable muscle mass loss after age 35. :o) The plus of the class is that you see results so quickly -- after a month, you usually have to use heavier weights, etc. And in my case, my back pain is miraculously gone when I do it consistently. And I don't use the word "miraculous" lightly -- I am 95% better when I am strong, which is a pretty powerful motivator.

Erin Hale

I feel you, dude...especially on points #3 and #9!

I am a runner. Have been for almost 8 years. And I HATE it. With every step I take, my mantra is, "This sucks slightly less than being fat."

I am in Weight Watchers, and so are all my friends. So, we measure our activity in something called "Activity Points." They all do Bikram yoga, and want me to do it as well.

They tell me that you can earn about 6 points for 90 minutes of yoga.

Well, I can earn the same in 35 minutes of running, without worrying about class schedules, childcare, paying monthly dues, and driving to a studio.

I don't have the time or money for "fun." My motto is: Do what works, and in the shortest possible amount of time, while spending the smallest possible amount of money!

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