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29 June 2011


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"Right now I need to get them interested in the stories."

Amen. I tell Bible stories all class long with an eye to how they contribute to a Scriptural understanding of Catholicism.

"I think it's helpful to have a "spine"

Amen again. In my catechism class I call it a "cadre" (French, skelton, framework). In my case the cadre is the Bible treated chronologically.

"Tone and style of a textbook are much less important when it's being used as a supplement than when it's basically the only book you're using."

Yes. This year we barely used the textbook at all (just for reading at home, never used in class).

Speaking as a Southerner, this is a terrific syllabus you have put together. Also you couldn't do better than include Frederick Douglass, my #1 American hero (no kidding).

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