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28 June 2011


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Oh, this is excellent. We're on to American History this year, and I'm so over Story of the World. I soured on her when we hit Luther in Volume 2. I'm going to print out this list and study it. Thanks!


I still use SOTW for world history, but it does have serious flaws (especially from a Catholic perspective). I got around it by using other sources when necessary.


Thanks so much for posting this! I've been poking along on US History and I feel like I need to be a little *ahem* more focused. In about two years we've only managed to get through the Revolutionary War! (and actually, I still have some read-alouds I want to do, but that'll work just fine over the summer) But we've had a lot of fun with it and read some wonderful books. And my oldest only just finished 3rd grade... so perhaps that's ok. But still!


Hey, you may like this Song of Hiawatha by Michael Oldfield of "Tubular Bells" fame. Along with some beautiful illustrations in a book I read as a kid, this song means Hiawatha to me.



Is there a particular grade you're using for _American History for Young Catholics_?


Sorry, I see now Grade 1!

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