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30 June 2011


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Wow, that is fascinating! I still have a NIV kicking around from my pre-conversion days and I keep wondering what to do with it.


"Catholics are "Christians" when they behave or display intelligence, and "Catholics" when they don't."

Haw! My teaches Art & Architectural History here in the Bible Belt. After a Medieval class, a student asked, "But where are the Christians?" My wife said, "You mean Protestants? They don't show up for another 500 years."


"is not the masthead/title combo of that blog one of the best you've seen in a while?"

Hey, I put that up Tuesday night, just in time for you to like it. Those are two my kids about 20 years ago. It only occurred to me on Monday that the image goes well with the blogtitle.


The image goes *extremely* well with the blog title. I was sure you did it on purpose.

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