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22 June 2011


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Barbara C.

Hahahaha! I have to laugh over the "gosh, but I already showered today once". I actually feel guilty if I take more than two or three showers per week. I think it's from having long periods where I have had just enough free time to make the tough decision between nap, food, or shower.


I'm a working-in-the-office kind of girl and I've never found office appropriate clothes that make even a brisk walk at lunch doable. In an effort to eliminate any excuses for an early morning workout, I have started sleeping in my workout clothes and it makes a huge difference! I roll out of bed, put on shoes, grab the ipod and go.


@Erin, I would think that substituting workout clothes for pajamas is just one application of the same sort of principle...

Christy P.

So I wasn't camping, but having an urban vacation (weird, I know) during which I also took an internet vacation. Hence the lack of comment.

Regarding, office work and workout clothes: it all depends on your office. If you work in a bank and must look business-professional then there may not be anything that can do double duty. My office is in an academic setting (university), and while I have been making an effort to *dress* more than just wear clothes lately, I do have some items that are both compatible with a brisk walk and my work day. I do a fair amount of walking during the day anyway (to and from commute AND the building where I teach for 3-4 months of the year is about a mile from my office).

Anyway, what fits? Sometimes the cute workout skorts that are popping up everywhere, sweat wicking material shirts/tanks (put on a cardigan if you need to!), and nicer material, well fitting, non-faded yoga pants have also been known to make an appearance around here.


By the way, Christy, Moving Comfort has a new sports bra (called the Juno) that might be the elusive decent support/nurse-able bra. I bought one last week, we'll see if I can run in it. It has a similar adjustable front strap as the Fiona, but is a lot more sturdy and compressive....

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