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12 July 2011


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Becca Balmes

Thanks for the link! I love his other booklets for CIS (and his blog is stellar), and I love Benedictine spirituality, and I'm a busy stay-at-home mom... I think it's time for some "study"! ;-)


i was tempted to buy holly's book (i have been an organization junkie in various life periods), but decided not to do so in exchange for re-reading St. Benedict's Rule & prayerfully consider how that applied in our little family.

thank you for the links to fr. longenecker's post.


Oh this looks much more like what I am looking for. I'm one of the ones who picked up Holly's book, got all excited, and then got all depressed about how impossible it was to make my life with one then two then three then four children who are all less than two years apart work in the sort of regimented way that her book implies is essential to having a Rule. And subsequently never implemented anything.

I think she's sort of on the right track but her personality type and mine are not so sympatico and her book doesn't dig deep enough so as to get into first principles that apply to everyone. Instead its about what worked for her. Which means to be a good tool it requires the reader to do a lot of the digging for herself.

But it looks like Fr Longenecker is digging down to get to the bedrock principles. I'm eager to read it and see what he has to say.


Thanks for the link. I've printed it out AND have begun to read it!

Holly's book didn't hit me with a big shazam the way it did a lot of people I know. It took me awhile to figure out why. I am a very organized person by nature. I have my lists and charts, and even those are organized. I didn't see a lot of new information in it for me. But I know it's helped a lot of people.

I've bought The Rule of St. Benedict awhile ago but never quite got into it - what I printed here hits home much more. Thanks


Thank you! This comes at a very good time for me.


Thanks for this, Bearing! I looked at a friend's copy of MROL and pretty much dismissed it when I ran up against the bedtime barrier :) I even checked out her blog to see what she might have to say to co-sleepers (at the time, I didn't have any older independent-bedtimers) and what she had to say seemed to be essentially, "I have no idea how that works." But I look forward to reading this booklet and applying for myself :)

Jennifer Fitz

Thanks for the link - yay.

A great consolation for me recently was noticing in the Gospesl how often Jesus is interrupted. He's planning to do one thing, but people show up needing Him, and He's got to change course and do something else.

I figure if He had people interrupting His day, maybe my vocation is not that messed up after all :-).


Jennifer, I like that insight! Right down to people pulling on his clothes :-)


I can't remember who, but someone refered to children's "interruptions" as our monastery bells--they interrupt what *we* had planned, but they call us to do what is at the heart of our vocation. Our chance to practice "obedience" as it were. Erin, was that you?



Maybe it was MelanieB.?


I've certainly addressed that somewhere on my blog but I know the idea wasn't original to me. I'll poke about and see if I can't find the original link.


bearing, mandamum, were you thinking of this piece: http://www.thewinedarksea.com/comments.php?id=510_0_1_0_C


You make me smile big time Bearing.

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