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21 July 2011


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Hallie Lord

As I mentioned over on my blog, I noticed the same thing about the mysteriously absent Fruit V and B. I did a little research and discovered that though there are other body types, they're apparently so rare that they're not included in the Big 4. Go figure.

I'm planning on writing a style guide for you lovely petite gals soon. Hopefully it will offer some useful tips. :)

Thanks for the helpful reflections!


Ok, this really made me laugh! I love all the mental pics this created too. I also had to laugh at myself - I was just about ready to figure this whole thing out for myself (I'm such a sucker for this sort of thing too) when I remembered that I am 8 mo pregnant. Somehow I think that would skew the results a bit, don't you? And I think I am in the throws of some serious denial... What - a newborn is about to enter my life? I thought I was just eating too much ice cream and sleeping poorly - doesn't that explain the weight gain, fatigue and back and hip soreness?


I, too, am a not-very-comfortable with the SAHM gig and title, but am okay being a nerdy homeschooler.

And I'll see your 2 1/2" waist with my 1" waist. I CANNOT wear a belt because most belts are thicker than my waistline. Sigh...

Thanks for making me laugh coffee through my nose, again. I should know better.

Donna Jannuzzi

I think you might be focusing too much on that one tip, about the belt. I think all of her other tips are sound, even for petites. And I will say, as a fellow short person (I'm only 5 feet tall) that I completely disagree with the whole don't define your waist advice. You can't hide the fact that you're short. Personally, I think that body type is a more important factor than height when choosing clothing. As you pointed out not all tips will work for everyone, but that's sort of the hard part, you have to figure out what works for your body, which no one else has.

In any event, I think that the single most important thing to looking well-dressed is fit. If what you're wearing fits then it has a higher probability of being flattering. Basically, if it weren't meant for your body type then it most likely will not fit, does that make sense? So for example, belts don't work for you but what about wrap dresses? That might be a way to accentuate your waist in a way that fits and is flattering.

And for the record, mathematically I'm a pear, but I don't fit the description of "narrow shoulders, small bust". I really think I'm an hourglass with a large bottom. But I'm okay with that. I just do lots of squats to keep my bottom, um, shapely. =)

dweej @ HouseUnseen

I just read all your comments over at BB's blog and had to come over because ohmylordygoodness I was laughing out loud in that real way that means I was ACTUALLY LAUGHING. Out loud.

Just wanted to give you a virtual fist-bump for your awesomeness :)


Well, thanks!

And Donna, it's true that short people can't hide their essential shortness, except maybe with heels.

But it isn't just the overall "how tall is she?" impression that makes a short person look weird when the waist is accentuated. Unless she is very slim and waifish, which I am not, the cut of most waist defining clothes looks out of proportion on the short person. The bust and the hips just look too close together, compared to the woman-shape we carry around in our heads to compare our fruit to.

You know how Betty says the banana is also known as the rectangle? Well, a short rectangle is... a square. And that is how I feel in clothing designed with tall people in mind. Like a gift-wrapped cube box with the bow around the middle.

Donna Jannuzzi

I can readily admit that I am looking at it from my perspective, as someone who has always been rather curvy. I *have* to accentuate my waist since it is the narrowest part of my body and if I don't I just look fat all-around. So, I guess I just don't share your particular perception about waist defining clothes making short people look odd. I find them flattering on me.

Do you shop petites or are you looking for regular sized clothing that just happen to fit? I completely sympathize with the fact that clothing is designed with the average sized woman in mind and then shrunken for the petites and therefore not necessarily designed for our bodies. There are some companies who do petites better than others though, they are not all created equal. And for the most part it's the only option out there and you sorta just have to work with what's available. As I said, I am short too and so I completely understand your frustration.


I also wonder what shape I am.5 feet tall. Thin arms and legs and short waisted. I'm also a little overweight so my belly is not as petite as I would like. I'm used to being very petite, but middle age is kicking in. I'm thinking pear.

Practicing Mammal

Way too funny. I actually would prefer not being classified as a fruit at all. I have a classification... mammal. I wonder if other mammals classify themselves by produce. Like cats, do they say I'm a yam. I'm a papaya. PM

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