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30 July 2011


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priest's wife

This is a great idea- while I don't use a co-op, it is such a good idea to get the kids to do some of the work (my 2 big girls trade off weeks being the 'upstairs maid' and the 'kitchen maid'- the littles are only 4 and 2)

Christy P.

Isn't it odd that items like dishwashers and microwaves have not become more standardized? I expect the keystroke sequence to be the same at home and work on the microwave, yet it never is. power time time power start on the wrong side etc.



I suppose the variation will eventually lead to survival of the fittest.

But in the meantime, I'm stuck with a microwave that has a never-used "HOT DOG" button.

Christy P.

I know what you mean in terms of fittest keystroke or appliance, but also must suggest...

Survival of the fittest in humans because some of them figured out how to heat their hot dog properly and thereby not acquire a potentially fatal foodborne infection?

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