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22 July 2011


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Christy P.

If you are willing to put up with a (probably) longer period of abstinence than observational methods, there's an app for NFP, courtesy of Cyclebeads...

Donna Jannuzzi

I've been thinking about this a lot lately too. I read Jennifer Fulweiler's article and I read something recently from Danielle Bean about how hard it is to practice NFP. And it wasn't the articles themselves that upset me, but some of the comments. I'm with you in the larger fringe. What me and my husband do, or don't do, is no one else's business. I abhor the judgmental attitudes of some of my fellow Catholics who think they know my heart better than I do. To me that fight is so exhausting that I don't even bother taking it up.

Jennifer Fitz

I was thinking after I wrote this, that prior to NFP & contraception, I think maybe people didn't talk so much about whether they were having sex?

(And I usually don't. Really. I'm frequently alarmed by the things casual acquaintances will share with me. Despite knowing "what causes it", I don't ever make assumptions about people's private lives based on how many children they do or don't have, who they live with, etc.)

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