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29 July 2011


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Christy P.

A family friend was just transferred to hospice now that her breast cancer has become brain cancer. Sigh.


Sorry to hear that. Cancer sucks.


And yeah, I know that there are many different kinds of cancer and they're really distinct diseases, so that they hardly all deserve to be lumped together into a single word "cancer," but I am not aware of any that don't suck.

priest's wife

...what a 'comic' ---I'll offer prayers for those suffering today


They deserve to be lumped together as cancer as they share certain traits in spite of the huge range of differences. It's like saying "infectious diseases" - covers a HUGE range of stuff but is not less usable because of that.

Unfortunately the comic is so true. That's one of the things I hate as a nurse (I work in hæmatology) - patients who are finished with their treatment who come in with a tattoo or something and are so proud that they're "cured". I know I'll be seeing some of them again later. :-(

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