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09 July 2011


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Barbara C.

"Look" is usually one of the first ones that my kids learn. Close seconds tend to be "yep" and "hep" for yes and help respectively.

My #4 is approaching 13 months, and she's starting to do family names. But she does already know to say "Beep" when she touches someone's nose. LOL


Love this post!




Jamie, I thought you would like it.

Re: "look," we don't have that one yet, but we do sort of have "this." He'll sometimes say "dis hot" instead of just hot. Yesterday he pointed to the statue in church and very clearly said "dis Mary" (though it came out more like "meery").

Also have banana ("nan") and blueberries (3 syllables in the correct emphasis patter, "BA baba", also used for grapes and strawberries).

Christy P.

Q was way into HOT also. For weeks he would hold his hand over any food on his plate and solemnly say "hot". Sadly he did it even when the food in question was not hot.

The other one he really got into relates to the ceiling fan. Even at 2 years old, Q will run into the kitchen and say "Mom! Mom! Mom! Come!" and then take my hand, pull me into the living room and announce "Spins." while pointing at the fan. He's exciting even if he had done the same thing 10-15 minutes ago. Similar theatrics for trains, and any type of construction equipment which are all called 'diggers' but pronounced 'dee-goes.'

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