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16 July 2011


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I get many souls out of purgatory just in time for Christmas every year due to that being the only time I ever roll out cookies with the children.


Oh, I am so going to stick you in a circle.


Um, could I have an invitation? I feel silly asking because my only reason is that I hate FB, but I'm very curious about Google+. . . honor[dot]wallace[at]gmail.com.


I joined Google+ and immediately got overwhelmed by it, and haven't logged in since. Of course, with 2-month-old twins I don't have extra energy for anything these days. But I am already a dedicated Twitter user, and log into FB a couple times a week, and that's a lot of social media already. I do use Google Reader, so if G+ takes off I can see myself using it in the future, but now is not the time for me. Put me in a circle, though!


Arwen: got you. Honor: sent. Kate: thank you. I am trying to promote the verb "to encircle," which seems like the obvious one to me....


Arwen, I'm with you about being overwhelmed. I signed up for G+ and at almost the same time decided I needed to take a break from Twitter. I think I'll like Google+ at some point but right now I just don't have brain space leftover to figure it out.


Thanks! So confused but liking much of it so far. . .

Barbara C.

I've received an invite for Google+, but I haven't taken the time to look into it yet. I'm waiting to see if it becomes the next big thing. I clung to MySpace for a long time before I gave into Facebook.

And Simcha is totally worth friending!!


As a Friend of Simcha, I say that she does post witty status updates all day, and that you should friend her. For the record, I consider myself as close to anyone who hasn't deleted my comments from his or her combox.

Christy P.

I think that your adventure with Google+ is having a negative effect on your blog frequency.


Christy, it's not actually G+ that's doing it, but school planning. I am using Facebook brain cells for G+ and blogging brain cells for school planning right now. I need to have my year plan finished in about four weeks.

For example, today Hannah and I figured out how to divide up our time when we have to manage ten children twice a week next year. That's ALL we did.


I think I would like an invite to see how it all works!

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