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20 July 2011


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Barbara C.

That's basically the MOTH system, designing a schedule that lists what every person is doing at all times.

Have you considered putting older kids in charge of preschoolers at some point or are they always busy with work?


Yeah, I have been through MOTH. It was overkill for my family, then three kids, but I can definitely see how necessary it is with larger families now that I have scheduled the co-schooling a couple of times.

This year we will be putting bigger kids in charge of helping more, especially for lunch, but occasionally during teaching times.


a MOTHy system was made more necessary by the fact that though we have four basic "classes" 1.The 13,12,11 yr olds 2.The 9, 9, 8 yr olds 3.The 6 and 5 yr old and 4.The babies (um, preschoolers), some of the kids younger than 10 shift around between groups, depending on the subject. Kinda "one room schoolhouse" without all the enforced sitting down and associated hickory stick.
This many children makes MOTHiness worth the work, so we don't lose track of anyone or consistently give any one of the kids short shrift.
When I tried MOTH with just 3 kids, I was "making up" stuff for us to do! With this, we are working with types and duration of teaching we're already quite familiar with. For instance, we both had a clear idea of how long it took us to teach a given child a given subject on the average day. So the boxes fell together much more easily than trying to work out a sunrise to sunset kind of schedule does.


Wow, I'm impressed. And I think my head hurts a bit just contemplating all this! And I didn't even have to do anything...

Dorian Speed

I love coming up with systems like this. I don't think I could stick to one on a daily basis and I am very impressed by what you two accomplished; I think that's going to work great for you.

I did a similar dining-room-table-and-index-cards session to assign students roles for a seating chart and group project.

Dorian Speed

Hmmm - can I not include HTML in my comment? Here's the link, featuring photos of my dining room table and index cards:

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