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28 July 2011


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I too am immersed in school planning, as much as I can be with the distractions of the internet ("Ooh, new notification on FB!") and the kids tromping in and out every five minutes, which definitely makes work. I do not have your solid engineering mindset, and I don't enjoy process for process's sake, which makes this a bit of an arduous and distractable time for me. When I start flipping through a book, I find myself reading it. When I research information online, I find myself clicking related links to read up more on certain methods or booklists -- turning "work" into "study", perhaps.

Anyway, I enjoyed your diagram and your analysis of the Rule of St. B for Busy Families (which I did read and enjoy -- thanks!) and have been chewing on how to apply it to my own, and my family's, life.

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